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Don’t Make Me (us) Think!

Steve Krug’s “Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” provides principles that every good website must follow. Specifically, in the chapter, “Don’t Make Me Think,” Krug emphasizes the importance of removing clutter in order to make the purpose and functionality of a site clear. Krug’s Key Insights: 1. Don’t make users think! -AKA: the first law … Continue reading

My Ideal Website Plan

The final challenge, in this Digital Communication’s class, is to create a website! My goal in creating a website is to allow potential employers to get to know me better through a digital portfolio. I foresee my website as a professional tactic, during the application process. Today, it is becoming increasingly relevant and popular to … Continue reading

User Experience Is Crucial!

In the chapter, User Experience and Why It Matters, Garrett introduces the basis for tangible and intangible methods and approaches for user experience innovation in our digital era. He defines terms including User Experience, Creativity, Innovation, The Five Plane’s, Successful User Experience Innovation, Return on Investment, and Conversion Rate to help us further our understanding … Continue reading